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Next week Goeyvaerts String Trio will be present at a Sounding the Sacred, an international conference in the heart of New York City.

The conference is focused on Arvo Pärt and especially on the impact of his music.

The music of Estonian composer Arvo Pärt is frequently connected with experiences of the sacred. Although the composer’s religious affiliation is specifically Orthodox Christian, his music and its impact carry an appeal beyond confessional and religious boundaries. His popularity crosses over customary distinctions between classical and popular music, sacred and secular art, liturgical space and concert hall.
The unique impact of Pärt’s music has been explored musicologically—and more recently through the lens of spirituality— but not yet in terms of the more basic elements of sound and embodiment. This conference seeks to break new ground exploring primary questions around how his music achieves its visceral and spiritual effect on human beings through the materiality of the movement of air impressing itself on the human body.
Goeyvaerts String Trio is supported by the Delegation of the Flemish Government in New York


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